The NIMMONS GROUP of COMPANIES is a privately held conglomerate founded in 1975 and includes several wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Led by Don Stewart Nimmons and others with an inherited long-established record of activity and extensive business dealings in the Middle East, Far East, NAFTA, Africa and South America with combined experience in the Regions totaling over 200 years. The diversification of the fields of activity of the Company has run paralellet to the massive infrastructure development of several countries around the world. Whether it is a single turn-key project or as a sub-contactor to a major E & C company, NIMMONS GROUP has undertaken numerous diverse contracts, the particularities of which have provided opportunities to acquire know-how and experience in Feasibility Studies, Project Management, Project Design, Project Procurement, Project Logistics, Project Construction, Civil Works, Modification, Engineering, Quality Control, Fabrication, Deliveries, Mechanical and Electrical Field Erection & Start-up Assistance, and Guarantee to Timely Commissioning and Maintenance Services and execution of intricate commercial and industrial projects.

The transfer of goods and services across national boundaries has taken place for centuries. NIMMONS GROUP OF COMPANIES are convinced that it has the knowledge, experience and excellent business contacts throughout the world and in differing industries to develop profitable and long-lasting business relationships. These clients' businesses have ranged from the Energy Sector to the Aerospace Industry.

Further, NIMMONS GROUP can provide experience-based advice on the best ways for its client to establish a firm and profitable presence in the Region's marketplace. The officers of NIMMONS GROUP are also familiar with the protocol and cultural differences that are prerequisite knowledge for good business relationships in many regions of the world.

The NIMMONS GROUP’S, Industrial & Commercial Development Corporation, it focuses on Financing Projects such as Financing Packages for: (i) Electric Power Systems & Energy Products & Services, (ii) for Pipeline Transmission Products & Services, (iii) for Agricultural and Food Products & Services, (iv) for Export Promotion of Technology and Trading, (v) for Petrochemical Products, (vi) for Petroleum Products, (vii) for Commercial and Industrial Centers, (viii) for Recreational Facilities, (ix) for Communication Centers and Satellite Systems, (x) for Medical Centers and Clinics, (xi) and for general distribution centers.

After you have read this Company Introduction, we are confident that you will want more information about NIMMONS GROUP and its capabilities. Our major contract site-organizations are fully staffed to operate as autonomous units, reporting to the Management of the Company, which disposes of computer facilities to apply modern planning, scheduling and accounting techniques.